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Need Vapor Cigarettes?

Vapor cigarettes are all over the place. If you want to find the best vapor cigarettes online however, you should look over at Monarchy. This is by far the best e-liquid vendor and vape store you will find. They treat their customers like people and are very helpful to everyone even if you are very new to trying vaping and want a free e cig starter kit, they will send you one that is valued at $24.99.

Vapor CigarettesBut this post is not just about vapor cigarettes, it’s really about the e-cig liquid that goes into the vapor cigarettes. Now that is the difference between you trying vapor cigarettes and quitting smoking the nasty tobacco filled crap pushed down your throat by big tobacco.

So I bring this up about e-juice and e-liquid and vape juice flavors because sometimes what you are filling your tank up with can be just as much the problem with not quitting as can be the device you are using to try to quit smoking.

If you are a hardcore, longterm smoker, you may want to start out with best tobacco flavors or menthol flavors that are used to. You can get these flavors at Monarchy and you can use a free e-cig starter kit to vape them. Now grab one of these tobacco or menthol flavors and get a decent nicotine amount in your e-liquid and you will get the exact same throat hit you are used to from normal cigarettes and same amount of nicotine to quench your addiction while safely vaping with no health side effects.

What can be better then that? Same taste, same nicotine, it’s cheaper and you don’t die from it. Hmmm…..Really easy to see why vaping is the new smoking and if you are too ignorant to make the switch then I can’t do much for you.

Where to get The Best E-juice

Looking for the best e-juice?

Whether you are looking for the best e-juice or best e-liquid, you definitely can find it at one of the best e-liquid brands Monarchy. They sell their premium e-juice lines at their online store. It’s Vapor Monarchy here:

However if you feel like you want to hear more reviews about the e-juices available online you can always look on youtube for videos about the best e-juice brands, although I’m not sure these are always in your best interest, as some get paid by the e-juice brands to promote their e-juice.

I’ve found an honest review site here at They seem to be unbiased and give great e-juice reviews. So definitely take a look over there if you are looking for the best e-juice reviews for say the best menthol e-liquid or the best tobacco e-liquid flavors.

When you are looking for the best e-juice and best e-liquid flavors you definitely want to see what your friends on facebook or twitter are saying. First off, about the flavors, but second about the brand and vendor putting it out. You want to make sure you can get great support, the best prices, and your e-juice shipped to you the same day, steeped and ready to vape.

My personal favorite e-juice flavors are a mix of the fruit and candy flavors in the Jester Juice line that Monarchy offers. They are far superior to many if not all of the same or similar flavors I’ve tasted by much more expensive brands. Plus they are super friendly, great support, and I always get my shipments like 2 or 3 days later. That is definitely the best part.

They have great discounts, sales, and promotions all the time, and even throw in a free vape starter kit with your first purchase. You really can’t beat that deal. At the time of writing this they have a super cheap 6 pack sampler of e-juice that is delicious. I highly recommend you check out Monarchy for the best e-juice online.

Get the best e-juice here at Monarchy –

Best E-juice flavors

The best e-juice flavors

One of the things I love about vaping is the search for the best e-juice flavors. While everyone has there unique opinions about what to flavors to vape and the cost involved, I think it helps tremendously to check out e-juice reviews online.

So when I am looking for the best menthol e-liquid or the best tobacco e-liquid for instance, I check out a juice review site. Sometimes I tend to disagree with some reviews but that’s ok, I check a few e juice reviews online. As long as I can get some honest feedback from actual users, not just the e-juice vendor in question. But usually I like to get my e-liquids at

Fruit FlavorsSo when I have the time to really check out all the new flavors, I like to get desert flavors, like lemon meringue pie, and coconut creme. But for the sake of just day to day vaping, I mostly like my fruit flavors, like strawberry, watermelon, grape, and pineapple.


I also enjoy many candy flavors of e-liquid as well. Like gummy bears, sour patch, red licorice and chocolate caramels.Candy FlavorsI like them at a 70PG 30VG ratio for the perfect combination of flavor, vapor, and throat hit. It’s the best e-juice.I use 6mg nicotine, for the amount of throat hit I enjoy. So when vaping it’s exactly like when I smoked a pack of lights a day, but a lot more healthy. So if you are an ex-smoker, you’re going to want to use the same ratio a 70PG 30VG and a 6mg nicotine if you smoked lights, 12mg for regulars, and 18 to 24mg for strong cigarettes.

So make sure to check out my favorite vapor store at for the best e-juice available at the most affordable prices, they don’t try to rape you on the markup of e-juice, or vape starter kits. They carry all the best flavors of e-liquid you’ll need.

Vapor Cigarettes Saved Me…

Vapor cigarettes saved my life.

I was a heavy smoker. I smoked like almost 2 packs a day for like 10 fucking years. Yes, I was inhaling my life away. I have already been to the hospital a total of 14 times, for the problems it has caused my health, because I have high blood pressure, heart problems, and obesity.

Not that it caused all of my health problems but it has added much more on top of my already significant issues. I was forced to quit smoking or I was going to die a very young death. I had many problems with quitting. I did want to quit very much, but I was so addicted to nicotine.

I tried many smoking cessation devices, I tried patches, gum, drugs, and therapy and none of that worked. I was failing, and getting very depressed. Luckily I found vaping. I thought at first that there was no possible way that vaping vapor cigarettes could come close to helping me quit. But I got a vapor pen and tried

I think everyone feels that way when they are given a technical gadget to enjoy a nice pull of smoke. Let me tell you now, that if done right, vaping is the easiest way to quit smoking for good.

Vaping Vapor Cigarettes

When you get a decent free vape starter kit, you will be able to get just the same amount of pull as you are used to. However, you must make sure to get the best wholesale e-liquid with the amount of nicotine that you are used to depending on what kind of cigarettes you smoke.

Like strong like Marlboro Reds you want to go high like 18 to 24 mg of nicotine or lights down at like 3 to 6 mg, don’t worry this is just for the throat hit feel you are used to, because you can just vape much more if you are not getting enough nicotine you are used to. vapor cigarettes nicotine scale

But believe me, whether you like menthol flavor or tobacco flavor, just choose check out some e-juice reviews on the best menthol e-liquid or best tobacco e-liquid and try those recommendations, and then get the right amount of nicotine and you’ll be good to go.

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